Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane
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Commercial carpet cleaning has a set of challenges that domestic carpet cleaners don’t have to face.

The first challenge is that the size of many commercial premises means that the traditional hoses just don’t reach. Where the distance is greater than 45 meters from our truck mounted equipment, which consists of our Rotovac machine and hose, we have to turn to low moisture or encapsulation carpet cleaning equipment. For this we use the Cimex 48 machine.

Our Machine – The Cimex 48 features;

  • Deep cleaning
  • Planetary action (means no tearing of carpet seams and edges)
  • 48 cm (19 inch) cleaning path
  • Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools

The carpets in high-rise residential and office buildings need to be professionally cleaned with the Cimex 48, as naturally we can’t get our truck mounted cleaner and hose into the lift or stairwell.

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